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Meet Dr Neha Dhiman

MBBS MD Neuropsychiatry   |   Ex SR PGIMER Chandigarh   |   Ex MO AIIMS DDC

Dr Neha Dhiman, a distinguished neuropsychiatrist has been dedicated to providing exceptional medical care to adults and children suffering from behavioural and psychiatric troubles. Armed with MBBS and MD in Neuropsychiatry, she is an expert in management of psychological troubles helping thousands of people achieve best quality of life. She is the only distinguished Child and Adoloscent psychiatrist from IACAM in Panchkula dealing with all types of behavioural troubles in children like academic decline, school refusal ,ADHD, Autism, bedwetting ,mobile addiction, anger issues and many others.. Her tenure as Senior Resident in PGIMER Chandigarh and as MO in AIIMS further solidifies her reputation in the field. Dr Neha’s dedication and proficiency were recognized with being awarded thrice by the most premier neurosciences institute NIMHANS Banglore.

Not only is Dr Neha Dhiman known for clinical expertise, but she is deeply involved in charitable endeavours and general public awareness programmes making them aware of common and serious psychiatric issues and erasing stigma associated with them. She is trained to deal with depression, bipolar disorder, dementia, anxiety, OCD, Phobias, substance abuse,panic disorders, anger troubles, marital troubles and many more. She also practices various psychotherapies on her own and has relieved her patients with CBT, DBT,ERP and other counsellling techniques. Patients testimonials are enough to speak about her expertise in the field.

She has presented numerous research papers at various national and international conferences earning accolades for her contribution including awards for best paper. Dr Neha firmly believes in preventive health and psychoeducates her patients and general population to take mental health seriously and preventive measures so as to protect herself against debilitating illnesses. Her Establishment at Prahlad Clinic is well equipped with medical and psychotherapeutic procedures that can help people deal with their illnesses. She firmly believes that as we serve others, we are working on ourselves, every act, every word, every gesture of genuine compassion nourishes us from inside and makes us strong internally and mentally. Prahlad clinic stands as testamentary to excellence in healthcare continually striving to improve the quality of life for all the visitors.